15. December 2017 | Allgemein
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Five ways Businesses can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not only for multi-billion-dollar corporations. Even small and medium-sized companies are beginning to take advantage of the support services provided, and computer software can now be even more integrated into the work processes of even small businesses to increase their efficiency. In this article, we will share with you five simple ways your Business can benefit from Artificial Intelligence.

Intelligent CRM

The task of CRM is to collect and manage customer-specific data. Every company’s support and customer service can benefit enormously from leaving the maintenance and organisation of this data in large parts of the software so that employees can devote themselves to more important tasks. An example is the CRM platform of SalesForce which began using Einstein ArtificiaI Intelligence in 2016 to analyse the e-mails, telephone calls, social media posts, product reviews and customer feedback. From this, Einstein Artificial Intelligence draws a picture of the customer and makes it possible to gain new insights from the customer data and to formulate marketing strategies more precisely.

Intelligent Customer Service

In the meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence can take some of the work out of customer support. Automated answers to frequently asked questions provide time-saving support services for customer support, which should focus on more critical tasks that are not yet covered by software. In this case, people can suggest answers or even give them themselves. Artificial Intelligence here acts as an intermediary, thus ensuring free resources in customer support and optimising processes.

Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent software can also help companies keep marketing costs low. The analysis of user behaviour in advertising offers the possibility to determine precisely which advertising is useful and where the placement of ads does not recoup the expenditure. Companies use their budgets in a targeted manner. With the help of customer behaviour analysis, marketing strategies can be planned even better in the future.

Intelligent Analysis

Artificial Intelligence can provide valuable support when collecting competitor data and analysing content. AI can monitor the behaviour of a competitor on the Internet. It observes its activities in the social media or any changes in its products prices. In this way, the strategies of an opponent can be predicted and adequate. Thus counter-strategies can be developed.

Intelligent Forecast

Artificial intelligence can deliver results in various areas of data analysis. Algorithms are already able to make forecasts efficiently. The application is not even that difficult. AI here analyses Google spreadsheets, CSV and Excel files without the need for programming skills during implementation. The user-friendliness grows, and the usage is also possible for non-specialists. Small companies in particular, which do not want to afford a specialist in every area, benefit from such programmes.

It can be said that machine learning will have a significant impact on the business world and due to its vast development businesses can already benefit from Artificial Intelligence optimisation and simplification of any tasks in the area of online marketing and data management.

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