11. July 2017 | Allgemein
Posted by aisolab


aiso-lab (Artificial Intelligence Solutions) develops AI solutions for companies – from consulting through pilot projects to production

We are launching Germany’s first complete offer for the development of innovative applications based on artificial intelligence. aiso-lab is runned by Jörg Bienert, Michael Hummel and a team of experienced data scientists, consultants and project managers based in Cologne and Berlin.

The founders have already established in 2011 the ParStream one of the first German Big-Data start ups in Cologne and the Silicon Valley, which were taken over in 2015 by Cisco.

“With aiso-lab we want to bring these success stories and our experience in implementing innovative projects and products,” says Jörg Bienert, CEO of AISO-Lab. “Artificial intelligence will revolutionize our work and our lives in many areas.” We are going through a similar threshold like this of the Internet breakthrough in early 2000. However, there are many companies in Germany still unprepared for this upheaval. “

Our offer range from introductory presentations and training courses, through the implementation of detailed evaluation workshops, pilot implementation to complete product development and the provision of the necessary infrastructure, including a dedicated hardware appliance.

“There is often a gap between current requirements, new ideas and opportunities offered by the new technologies in the field of AI, ” emphasizes Bienert. “We see ourselves as bridge builders to fill this gap and work closely with our customers in order to generate creative ideas and implement innovative products.”