18. January 2018 | Company, News
Posted by aisolab

Handelsblatt AI Conference – Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence

I initiated and helped to organise the already famous Handelsblatt AI Conference, which will take place in Munich on March 15th and 16th.

We were able to set up a great line of speakers and I am really looking forward to discussing the latest developments in AI with Damian Borth, Annika Schröder, Klaus Bauer, Norbert Gaus, Bernd Heinrichs, Andreas Klug, Dietmar Harhoff, Alexander Löser, Gesa Schöning, Oliver Gluth, Reiner Kraft, Thomas Jarzombek and Daniel Saaristo.

We are very proud of having Jürgen Schmidhuber, one of the godfathers of AI and the inventor of LSTM.

Join us in getting profound insights and having exciting conversations.

See you in Munich!

Joerg Bienert