26. March 2018 | Company, News
Posted by aisolab


On March 15, 2018, we – 24 companies and start-ups – founded the German AI Association. In the constituent meeting of the German AI Association, the members advocated the following core demands:

  1. to create innovation-friendly legal security in the areas of civil, tax and data law to establish Germany as an attractive Business location for the AI ecosystem and to strengthen its competitiveness in international comparison.
  2. to promote the human-centered and secure use of AI technologies and lead a society shaped by the social market economy into the digital age.
  3. to foster research, development and practical implementation of AI technologies through funding programmes, pilot projects, start-up financing and support for cooperation between start-ups, science and established companies.
  4. to stimulate education and science on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and awareness of society and economy about opportunities and risks.
  5. formation of an AI expert commission with representatives from politics, business (established companies and start-ups) and science to actively advise the Federal Government.



Details can be found in the press release at www.ki-verband.de.

We look forward to working with the (now 34) members and I am personally looking forward to working with board colleagues Rasmus Rothe (Merantix) and Fabian Behringer (ebot7) and the political advisory board under the leadership of Marcus Ewald (Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), Jens Zimmermann (SPD), Manuel Höferlin (Die Grünen) and Petra Sitte (Die Linke)).

Kind Regards,

Jörg Bienert