AI is changing the game…

AI outperforms humans in Image Recognition

AI outperforms humans in Image Recognition


Google’s Alphago AI beats world’s best Go Player

Google’s Alphago AI beats world’s best Go Player


Your custom AI Solutions

Your custom AI Solutions


Self Driving cars became ubiquitous

Self Driving cars became ubiquitous


Come and join the team and work with us on exciting projects in one of the top 10* cities for young professionals worldwide!

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..and we will see AI based applications in all areas....

Image Processing

  • Face Recognition
  • Object Detection and Classification
  • Human Emotion Analysis
  • Surveillance Systems
AI outperforms humans in Image Recognition

Natural Language Processing

  • Translation
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Text
  • Document classification
  • Contract Analysis
  • … and combinations (Alexa, Siri,…)
Natural Language Processing

Machine Data / IoT

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Automated Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Autonomous Driving
Machine Data / IoT


  • Financial Data:  Algo Trading
  • Healthcare Data: Disease detection / prevention
  • Cyber security
  • Logistics

We build Bridges ...

1. Business - Customers: Requirements, Corporate Parameters, Use Cases. 2. Innovation - Ideas, Brainstorming, Workshops, Joinr Project Teams. 3. Artificial Intelligence - Technology, Profound experience, Implementation Excellence.

... by providing Full Stack solutions ...

... and we deploy your AI Solution

1. Orientation – Give Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Discuss Business Potential, Cover History, Concepts and Use Cases, 2. Workshop - Develop Custom specific business ideas, Discuss use cases with experts, Evaluate data and designs, 3. Prototype - Design and train Neural Networks, Test alternative solutions, Evaluate results and business impact, 4. Deployment - Build reliable application, Integrate into existing infrastructures, Test solution end to end, 5. Training - Develop customized content and structure, Conduct Hands- on Training, Handover to maintenance team

Let‘s start building your AI success story

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